Inspired by colours and light

Inspired by colours and light

Sharing life - sharing art

My father used to say : Anyone can do art you only need to learn to see

Sharing my Art and Life experience

I share my watercolours with you in My Creative Samples and uploads my new watercolours regular . 

Some of my West Australian landscapes where chosen for a small project of a set of greeting cards . My two Eucalyptus trees are also printed on cards now. Let me know if you would like me to send you some.

If there is an increased interest I will develop other items. In fact you can give me some ideas. 

My Life experiences are shared in my Blog called Observations. I like to write organically and the writing may be used with people that are lonely and want a conversation like some of the elderly in our community. They can also be printed off for some easy reading . Just remember to change the font to 16 . 

The pages I am adding to my homepage should improve awareness, mood, lifestyle, wellness and reduce stress.   

Contact Dorothee

I prefer email but am also using the following platforms Whatsapp, Telegram, Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter

Mobile / Cel / Handy

+61 414 397 137