10. Apr, 2022

Appreciating Creation

I have a special love for birds

I am lucky, 6 years ago we were able to move into a house opposite a park with enormous Eucalyptus trees.

Most days the birds wake me up, but I like it and I think they know this. The concert is different each morning.

Lately in the afternoon a flock of about 30 Corellas fly over. They make a shrieking noise.

Then I also particular like the sounds that the Black Cockatoos make, they sounds to me a little heartbroken or wailing , but they visit only seldom.

We also have a group of 5 magpies that like congregating and discussing their daily business.

The wattle birds are rather noisy, they are probably looking for more flowering trees.

The Willie Wagtail is very, very cute and inspects everything new in the garden and the Hollandaise Sugar bird come everyday onto our veranda to get the finest nectar. Then there are the Galah's they gather on the neighbours lawn and looks for seeding grass. Or they sit on the telephone wires and topple over.

Some afternoons we receive a free concert when the Kookaburra's laugh their heads off, but only very short , then it appears that the joke is over.

As many of you know we have lovely colourful parrots, they love the high branches of the trees and are always seen in pairs. We mainly see the Rainbow Lorikeet who is actually native to Eastern States. They have a high pitch shriek. The Ring Neck Lorikeet seldom comes around and can copy any sound.

In spring 2021 I had time to observe more on my walks and I happened to see some chicks even of the Cuckoo shrike.

Tell me about your birds . Remember I live in the suburbs!