17. Apr, 2022


When I was a teenager I called it "Diary"

That's when life started to get very serious, so thoughts of heartache had to be written somewhere as no one would understand. I guess you would know that feeling.

I grew up in a Christian home so you were expected "to take things to the Lord in prayer"

But I found out later in my life that it is absolutely normal to admit to negative feelings and to realize and admit that sometimes you do not cope.

So before I ran to friends and family I found it helpful to jot my thoughts and feelings down.

Many times the answer was already in plain sight. Funny how we give ourselves some good advice.

More than often I found myself leaving my thoughts in the journal. Sometimes I would draw a line through my thoughts and write: prayed about it , dealt with, forgiven and moved on.

As a young adult I started to take diary writing more serious and then started writing prayers in it and found that many were answered. There was a time when I stopped journaling when I was a busy mom : breastfeeding and attending to countless needs of the little humans. And I found I struggled , I heaped up feelings, I hold grudges and I was jealous of other people " me time".

Then in my 40's I rediscovered diary writing as my own company became precious again. I worked in a very needy workplace (no time to think of your own problems- you threw yourself in and you get on with it) So my diary was to reflect.

Then came the 50s and life became even more precious . I pondered , I reflected and prayed and then I learned to also sketch thoughts and to speak and forecast my own life. And if you deal with grief and loss and you do not feel like journaling, a friend told me to scribble, believe me even scribbling helps.

To keep a journal is a powerful tool to keep your thoughts in check and to start being grateful for the journey of life.

After all there is no one like you, you are precious, you count and you are loved beyond measure.