27. Apr, 2022

Human Connection

This is a topic very close to my heart. I can't say I am social but I love connecting : face to face, spontaneous but also online, and through emails and letters and voice clips. When people display a similar passion, or are at a place that I have a connection too, I cannot resist to let them know "hey, I love that place too"

All my life I connected with my family and close friends, my cultural tribe, my church and with my colleagues that have similar aspirations. This "pandemic" however changed my whole outlook.

Strangers and random online connections have become so important and I have learned to express affection and appreciation so much faster. Time is precious and I don't hold back.

There are several like minded groups online and I discovered, that I have so much more in common to Joe and Sue next door then people I trusted my whole life.

Everything was turned upside down. Our beliefs and perspectives have been challenged and I feel that my appreciation for all generations, all cultures and all beliefs have been enriched.

We all play a part in the bigger picture and we are all connected. All fit like a puzzle. Thank you God for opening my eyes.