5. May, 2022

Tried and tested Recipes

We all received recipes at some stage. When I was a little girl I saw my mom guarding her recipe books and freaking out when she lost the script of a handwritten one. The recipe books (mainly in German like Dr Oetker) were always a bit crusty with flour or sugar and I can still see her in my mind, how she paged back in order to make double sure, she did not leave anything out. Afterall butter, spices, cream cheese are expensive and time even more when guest are arriving. But then there are the recipies that are in peoples heads and thats when you hear: this taste like your moms, or this is exsactly how your aunty made it. And even better this reminds me when we lived back on the farm. I really think if you managed to do that, you did not only honour the person that made the food, but you also contribute to family traditions, happy memories and produced nostalgia. Recipes are a great gift for a bride-to-be. I have a special journey with my daughter-in-laws. One was very confident and adventurous in trying out new flavours and ingrediences. In fact she freed me up to try more. The other DIL was very anxious to do things right. I must say the latter one is now able to follow recipes with confidence and tries a tremendous amount of interesting recipes whilst also sticking to trusted ones. I only have the priviledge to teach her the basics now, but even browning onions can be perfected. In fact this hint was given to me at my "kitchen tea' : always have some onions frying on the stove when the man gets home. Of course this could be anybody depending who makes the meal and who comes home first . Later I used this "trick" in Aged Care and Dementia Care when people loose taste and appetite and basically the joy of living. In fact fried or cooked onions wet the appetite but prepare mind, body and soul for some good wholesome nourishment. Sort of the feeling " all is good, when mama is making food in the kitchen".