8. Jun, 2022

The treasure of friendships

Often have I wondered how friendships start, grow stronger and stay. Many times I have been perplexed over a friendship lost. One day it dawned on me: friends are there when you need them. My first friendship was organised by my mother and her mother at the age of 5 and lasted all these years. I guess both felt sorry for their daughters needed a friend when starting school. Although worlds apart we still "click". Somehow she always says the right words, feels my heart and understands what I am experiencing. Then there are these friends that are travel friends, they are awesome company and see and appreciate the same things you do and stop where you want to stop. Other friendships are there for a specific season : one friend suddenly appeared out of no where, helped me to gather my senses and stay focused on what was important as I struggled through a very perplexing season in my life. Then there are those that you work with, who run to be in the lift with you, who stand and chat to you in the parking lot when it is going home time, who ring you up to catch up for coffee. Sometimes you work with them for years and experience hardships and blessings together and that brings you closer. And then there are those friends that you happen to meet " by accident " and suddenly you find yourself telling them very personal things and they remember you and call you up and make every effort to stay connected. I value each friendship. I write down their names. I pray for them and send them love when they happen to come in my mind. There are friends that support, give guidance and those that boost your confidence. Friends don't need presents and thank you cards, although that wonderful too, but they sure need your presence and prayers and your love.