15. Jun, 2022

In touch with Nature

Apparently I dug out potatoes and tried eating them before walking, loved piglets and pressed my doggie too hard. You might have heard funny stories like that from your parents. But is nature not there for us to explore and to taste and eat. See how good the Lord is says the bible. I believe God made it all for us to enjoy and to indulge in. The first thing I planted as a 9 year old were sunflowers I still call it a hobby of mine raising them from seed. When I hiked in the South African Drakensberg Mountains I marvelled at the formations it looked obvious to me that there were huge shift of nature before I happened to walk that part of the earth. Being fascinated with springs I wanted to understand where the water originates and found a spring. Coming to Australia I marvelled at the abundance of birds and colours of the spring flowers. And you better believe it, each month you have a different eucalyptus flowering to provide the food for the parrots. I always told my friends overseas, the Australian Bush looks like a garden planted by the master gardener. Regarding the Australian mammals I always imagined that the creator had a bit of fun there.

My husband planted me a flowering fig as he knew I loved deciduous trees, only problem it was not flowering. However this year autumn came the surprise in just one week the tree suddenly was bathed in golden colours. My eyes could not get enough especially when the sun shown through a little, but then came the wind and rain and I had to find contentment in the moment. I always look forward to seeing buds appearing everywhere and I know spring is just around the corner. I am so grateful that I can witness and enjoy the nature around me with all my senses.