23. Jun, 2022

Lets talk about the weather

The weather is often used as a natural conversation starter. Conversations like that do not offend, you do not step on anybody's toes when you play it safe. Yet we accuse each other saying they can "only talk about the weather " . I do not think that is actually so bad. After all the weather connects us to so many things: feelings like having fun, being in jeopardy, feeling hot or cold, being stranded and a having a brilliant day/ holiday.

The trick is to take it further not to say "I wish it could rain " . The reaction could lead to only Yes - and then you could get stuck in silence .

Rather start by saying: " lots of wind today, reminds me when I was fishing last week ." Then the conversation could lead to a question of details or could go on about fishing and other free time activities affected by the weather.

You could also say "when its hot like this, I feel like having an iced coffee." This could lead to conversations about food.

Today I am talking about the weather. At at the moment we have winter here and I am loving it. I love being able to dress up and not down. I love the log fire. I love the winter food. I love the fact that my car is not an oven, but a safe haven of icy wind and rain.

I have started to love the West Australian winter rains. For years I was longing for the dry Highveld Winters in South Africa: The forever blue skies and the flowering aloes. We still have flowering aloes, but the air is always fresh and wet which is great for the skin plus every now and then you catch a sunny windless day and it makes the day extra awesome and you count yourself lucky that you happened to go for a bike ride or a picnic or were at a sunshine wedding. So use the weather to ponder on the wonder of the changing seasons in gratitude and to reflect a little.