1. Jul, 2022

Why Watercolours?

Art, creative writing and music was part of my upbringing and I am super grateful to both my parents . My father was a teacher by profession and at heart and used his creativity daily. He studied art in Berlin/Germany however painting in watercolours and scetching stayed a hobby mainly for the holidays. It was his time of finding solitude and reflection and meditation on the richness of life. Wherever we went on holiday he would take a scetchbook and his simple watercolours to the beach or in the mountains looking for his motive. Occasionally he would even teach illiterate rural shepherd boys how to take pen to paper for the first time, while they coppied him scetching their lifestock. I was priviledged to observe this lifestyle choice and then decided to come along and loved it ever since. He made me aware of light, of shapes and of composition and watercolours were an easy fresh choice. He returned to the tent and Kombi Camper with one or two finished paintings not being overly satisfied. The next day would try some more scenes, getting more " loose" and skilled by the day. I took art as a subject at school and got facinated by the Impressionist way of depicted light and never using black as black is no colour. One day I went along to an exhibition of Ulrich Schwanecke (a Namibian Watercolour landscape artist) Thereafter I started to paint with quality colours and paper. During my Uni years I received lessons from Ines Aab Tamsen ( a well known artist in Pretoria) who taught me lots of techniques and emphasized freshness. She even became my pen pal in the last 10 years of her life. I kept on taking my watercolours on holidays and always found it an inspirational way of absorbing my surroundings. Watercolours are easy and interesting. You have to envision everything from light to dark as you cannot add light colours later. This year was the first year I ever printed my pictures on cards. Most of my better paintings hang framed in my friends and families houses. One day soon I am planning to have an exhibition. For now the web has to do. The painting depicted on my Blog is a painting by my father Ernst Hertell "burned trees in the African bush" and it tells me anything can be beautiful.