10. Jul, 2022


Many people in the world do not know what a holiday is. Holidays does not mean a few days off from work it is much much more. Of course you can take a holiday and stay at home, but even then you do not just sit and wait for your holiday to finish: You do things out of the ordinary and you go places! Most people work their whole life and only take a break over Christmas and New year. But the holidays I am talking about is MAKING MEMORIES. If it was not for my father I would have never had the opportunity to find out what real holidays are. As an adult I was really bitten by the travel bug and I soon found myself persuading my husband to do the same. His only real holidays was visiting the grandparents for long weekend. When you live and work on a farm you can not afford to leave. Even when you have a garden or pets you find it hard to leave them behind and most find that step just too hard. But in the end its all worth it. The preparation and the excitement before you go away is a huge part of the experience as well. Mind you, holidays were often planned on holidays like the time we visisted Germany in winter and decided we needed to see it in summer. But holidays cost money and fine planning, they take booking on time and finding a bargain. Till this day I can remember clearly the days before the journey. There was a certain routine to it and we had holiday gear as we had a Kombi Camper. We had a "to do" list that was updated over the years.The day before the departure my mother used to make sandwiches and boiled eggs and some fruit. (Nowadays you grab an apple and a bag of crisps/chips). The reason for preperation is that everything runs smoothly and that you have all neccessary taken along . After all you want it to be a happy, less stressful and unforgettable time. And after you come back there is more then just a heap of washing and gear cleaning.There are all the beautiful stories and memories and the photos that you can revisit over a lifetime. The old photo shows the Camper at Stormsriver mouth Eastern Cape/ South Africa