19. Jul, 2022

The joy that flowers bring

Of all created things flowers touch me the most . Not only for their variety, design, colour and beauty but because they are so selfless and giving. They surprise you when the buds appear, they let you wait in anticipation and voila !! all the splendour : The joy when a flower finally opens is indescribable and touches the heart. Even when people say they do not really care for flowers, you will see them look again when they are made aware. Regardless in what mood we are when the focus is directed to a flower we react positively. I was made aware as a child of the many native South African flowers and I felt a sense that I had inherited them being born there. I especially appreciated the different varieties and patterns of the African Daisy as in the picture. Me and my friends decided that daisies have a heart as they have a middle. Ever since then we post each other daisies. As a 9 year old I planted my first sunflowers, they were taller then me and I was so delighted. When I became a teenager I was infatuated by the beauty of roses I remember inhaling their delicate sent while they displayed themselves with dew drops on their petal . My mother-in-law seemed to know every single one by name. When I immigrated to Western Australia I developed a love for the indigenous flowering bushes. Makuru is the wet season according to Noongar knowledge, yet in it there is an abundance of flowering white and yellow bushes and the other day I discovered the first Geraldton Wax already blooming along Freeways. I am very lucky living in Western Australia as we have one of the best varieties of bright colours. When we go hiking in the bush I like to count varieties, one time I counted 43. I should not talk like it is a competition, that would not be fair nor right. When my sister-in-law sends me the flowers on her smart phone that she discovers in the German Alps I marvel at their beauty and uniqueness too. At the moment we have Aloes flowering in our little garden that delight the sugarbirds. The Azalea Bush that I dedicated to my granddaughter is covered in soft pink flowers and for the first time the yellow Clivea is showing her delicate perfect petals. I love flowers, what can I say. Picking flowers is done with dedication and as not rob the plant, it is a hobby even if its only a small bunch. My husband says he does not need to buy me flowers, he planted me a garden.