30. Jul, 2022

Everyday Adventures

Routine, habits and ritual bring safety, comfort and belonging. At the same time they can create boredom and a feeling of no challenge and no change. When you decide to do something new it brings with it excitement and a feeling of expectation. Your senses are enhanced and you will remember it for a while, if not forever. When I think back of my life every move of residence became an adventure (besides the stress and anxiety) It did bring a whole set of new skills. Every new group or club joined brought with itself the exploration of the unknown.

It is always easier and more fun if you can do this with someone close to you. I have a very adventurous husband. He will suddenly decide we need to try something new. I have learned to just go with the flow and not to argue and trust that it will be enjoyable. Years ago we were having a long weekend away and he decided at 3 am it is time for a moonlight walk. We walked three hours with no flashlight. It was so quiet, I felt like stepping in a new world, the birds gave us a special morning tribute concerts. We both will forever remember that morning. Another time we decided to drive outside of the city lights to see the night sky or to see the sunrise. This morning we went barefoot walking in the rain and walked our feet through puddles. This is when I thought back of the crazy adventures we had. I am a spontaneous person, but even I need to know what lies ahead when I embark on something new. Children act on their adventurous spirit all the time. When my boys were little, I remember playing along. Whatever they felt they wanted to bring into being, like building a secret hideaway or planting a special garden came into being. As you get older it is a bit of an effort, but it should not stop you. Bring back sitting under the night sky, bring back walking on the morning dew bring back embarking on a new terrain in your life.