6. Aug, 2022


Some words are untranslateable, they are unique to a language and a culture .The culture that is connected to you as a person or your heritage, or your family and upbringing, or all of it together and to the place you call home. My mother tongue is German and today I will try to explain this word.

You will have words in your mother tongue that are loaded with meaning. I am reminded that someones " Kitsch" is another ones treasure. Or that some people never see the candle on the table or they say it stinks, they just see the odd colours that clash and do not feel at home. They might even feel strange. Funny that they sing about the "Gemütlichkeit" at the Oktoberfest. Remember the song "Ein Prosit, ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit". It must be that you and your friends sit cozy and squeezed together on wooden benches drinking German beer. Or is it the spirits that warm up the belly that will make you feel "gemütlich" ?

"Gemütlichkeit" /ɡəˈmuːtlɪxkʌɪt,German ɡəˈmyːtlɪçkaɪt/ comes from the adjective "gemütlich" and has to do with the word "Gemüt" which has to do with a soul disposition. You use the word "gemütlich" when you discribe a friendly, warm, cozy atmosphere or a room or even people that will make the atmosphere that way. I have used this word many times when I stepped into a home of a friend or even a stranger. In hindsite these places must have reminded me of the feeling that my mother created for us at home. It could have been a cozy seating corner, a table cloth, a painting, maybe the fact that the table was laid or had a candle on or maybe the fact that the log fire was kindled. Maybe you could feel that the people that live there made their home with love.

Whatever you relate to when you can feel at ease, at home, loved and cared for, in that moment you feel "gemütlich". You can create it by yourself. Just make your favourite warm drink and feel at home in your cozy chair.