14. Aug, 2022


In many German households the quote is used of famous children author that thought left overs where tasty. Willhelm Busch said : "Wovon sie besonders schwärmt, wenn es wieder aufgewärmt" Translated that means : she was craving the food even more when it is heated up again. However in the story two naughty boys stole the food before she could get it.

Many mothers make double of the dishes that they know their family love. I think I was not that the only mom that saved a bit of their favourite dish. You kept some once and thereafter it is sort of expected from you. "Mom, did you keep me some?" or it was send along when the children leave house or need to go to boarding school.

When you heat up leftovers in a pan, they end up extra crispy or their flavour is more matured. I really do not know what it is, but it really made me miss my mothers food. Of coarse freshly cooked and served is great, mind you there is always a lot of stress involved when the food is just ready and the family do not want to be interrupted and come late to the table. I have witnessed many cooks getting cranky when that happens. But with Left overs it is different, everyone seems to be very forgiving and some even eat it cold from the fridge at midnight.

There are other dishes, like left over rice or our famous "putu pap" . Putu is a Zulu dish made out of maize flour it is also chosen as a side dish of an South African barbeques or braai. It is eaten with a tomato relish as a savoury dishes. My husband comes from a very large family of mainly boys and I think they made the food stretch by having the left over "pap" or rice with milk and sugar after the meal. Its nothing fancy but it fills the stomach. I have a feeling that men get nostalgic about these kind of left overs. Proof me wrong. Here in Australia when you go to a restaurant you can asks for a "doggy bag" if you do not happen to finish your food. Funny that and when you look in the fridge the next day it is you that eats the left over pizza or Chinese food not the doggy. The doggy never came into the picture. Some family members fight over leftovers just like these birds. Leftover food is more then just food that could end up in the bin like in an affluent society, after all the food was prepared with love at a stage. Am I the only one that likes left over food or are there some of you that think the same?