26. Aug, 2022


Family relations and your dealings and connections with them does not only depend on who lives close to you. As your parents raised you it was also determined by how much emphasis they put on particular relatives in your life. My family was small in comparison to my husbands family, but even though most lived overseas or in another city the connections where rich, deep and sometimes a bit complex.

When I was a young girl I looked up to my cousins, I adored them and in fact thought the world of them, I dreamed and idolized their fantastic lives. I added a little here and there when I talked to my friends to make them even more interesting. After all I was related to an actress, a champion cyclist or a cousin that could speak Russian.

I had uncles that I loved dearly and uncles that I was a bit embarrassed about. I had aunties that appeared a bit eccentric and others that were reserved and conservative, but in my eyes my cousins could never make a mistake.

Today I picked up a book again written by one of my uncles. He wrote this book on his memories of being a prisoner at war in 1946. When my uncle was still alive I perceived him as slightly annoying and set in his ways, yet very admirable as he kept himself fit and healthy even in good old age. When visiting him in the Black Forrest / Germany he made sure we knew that he did not like it when we switched the light on in the morning, but rather knew to open the curtains. Is it not funny that I like doing that now? I also am able to understand him much more, it's like I can feel his heart when I am reading his book.

Family gatherings are very typical and comical, but I miss them so much now that are living very far from our extended family. But even if we would come together it would not be the same as most are long gone. Now we are the generation that the younger generation would find very unique or odd, even comical. The baton that was unique of my family has to be passed on now. Well there is the saying" it runs in the family" its even hidden in the pages of my writing, isn't that funny. My grandmother, mother and their siblings all wrote, they wrote letters, poetry and some even books.