2. Sep, 2022

Capturing moments

These days we take our phones everywhere and have therefore a camera at hand if needed. I take a lot of photos to study flowers and trees and to capture light and shadows in order to improve my watercolours. But I also find that I am often the only person around that bothers to capture a moment in time. Many do not like to be photographed yet they also want to have some record that they attended, have been somewhere special or have tried something new. In my line of work we kept photos as proof of an successful intervention. The photos were not just to proof that an activity took place, but most importantly that the person enjoyed and engaged with the activity.

Do you remember when you captured the concentration of a child when they first worked with scissors. Or the face of a baby when they spotted a bird for the first time or their own shadow. It is precious beyond words.

Recently my daughter-in-law and I decided to tackle a huge project together: making a photo Album of her wedding that took place in November 2019. I was involved in some of the organising that day and it was lovely to see it all from another angle. There was a lot that happened that I had no knowledge of. There were also many people that I had never met. They were closely connected to the bridal couple and I was amazed that the photographer actually captured the emotions of affection and pure joy on top of doing this in an artistic way.

When you miss someone you go back to those moments you had with them and you share them again. I am not living in the past, but I am very grateful for these moments that were captured that made my life beautiful.