11. Sep, 2022

On Giving

The other day while sitting on the back of the motorbike, I read an advert on the back of a car about a small home business. They were advertising to make personal gifts with love. It made me think about giving and why I like to give. Why I choose not to buy gift card vouchers and why I like to make a bit of a " fuzz ". When you know someone and cherish them, I give a personal gift from the heart. Of course I could look at their website of these beautiful people who make personal gifts, but it would still not necessarily be personal, or would it? Indeed you made the effort to look them up and to explain to them what you wanted, and you paid a price for their effort and passion, but that does not mean you put a labour of love in the gift. I am also not saying that buying a gift voucher is not a gift as some people absolutely love deceiving vouchers. So the person giving the voucher actually says: "I don't know what you want so choose your very own in your convenient time" (....or before it runs out)

Preparing a personal gift with a matching handwritten card is unique, because it is from this person directly to the other person. They have a connection of interest which they celebrate or they acknowledge or admire the other ones special interest. They are not necessary expensive gifts, but a lot of thought goes in them especially if they are handmade.

But this is me and it is not necessarily how you see gifts. My husband likes to ignore all the traditional pam pam and prefers to buy a gift spontaneously like literally on the spot. He is a in the moment guy. Who might be like that and think of my giving style as really outdated. Well we are all different for a reason and we react differently to gifts and all is okay. I know people that shout it out they want no fuzz. My mother added " please" to that request. My goodness it was hard to give her anything, but she appreciated free gifts like garden grown flowers. Everything that costed money was just over the top for her except if she knew we could afford it or it made us happy. Do you like to give or receive?