17. Sep, 2022

About creativity

Being creative is often seen as a talent or a requirement. However creativity lies in each one of of us.

Maybe I need to elaborate on this subject in the future. I often marvel how creative people are, yet they tell their friends "I am not really creative."

Basically creativity is part of your human composure. It's the movement forward driven by passion and energy. They are the spontaneous, unique ideas that come forth from the right brain and are part of your personality and trigger feelings of excitement and pleasure. People that are busy creating often step back and rearrange or relook at their creation and admire or marvel how it came to be. Some use their visual creativity daily by being involved with visual arts. Some do this in music, movement or dance. Some are able express themselves in words by writing or in jokes or story telling. Some do several forms at once. This is all creativity. 

Creative people often think and do on the spot. But that is their lifestyle.

Anyone can be creative. In fact we all are. When you pick flowers or pick up shells or stones and place them somewhere special you are being creative. When you pick out a pattern for your curtains and when you plant a bush next to another. When you decorate a cake or lay out a dish.

Have you ever watched an elderly immobile person receiving a card or a flower and then watch them how they gently place it at a specific spot. 

Have you seen people that give very unique greetings or special good byes. They are being creative. 

They tell you in an assignment : let the creative juices flow. But creativity does not flow on command, but rather when you feel free to be your own sweet self.

Share what you have created with your friends, you will inspire them.