24. Sep, 2022


Discovering new territory is pioneering. You might think "others have been there before" Yes, of course... Or probably. But it is that feeling of stepping on to new ground or into a new space where you have never been before. Physically this could mean when a child explores a wild corner in the backyard for the first time and dresses in his Superman suit. Maybe runs back to get his favourite teddy in order not to be alone.

Pioneering could also happen when you start living in a new suburb, a new city or a new country. You see the sun rises on a different spot, the sounds and fragrances are new, you discover new paths new things to look at.

Or when you travel into an area where no one dares to step. Nearly 25 years ago nine of our family went on a real Safari in Botswana. I really felt like a Voortrekker (these were the first European Pioneers groups that explored the northern territories of South Africa) There are no fences and no human civilians around just Nature and African wild animals. Everything is untouched and you are the observer of something so big, so beautiful, so spectacular.

I also remember that moment I first sat on a horseback: an animal 4x times your size lets you be guided by him.

I had the same feeling snorkelling for the first time : a new world opened up and I felt like the nosy intruder.

Of course you can be a pioneer in all areas even emotionally and spiritually as well, as long as you stay heart connected. It is a very personal and exciting feeling. You just need to leave the fear behind. It takes tremendous courage but you are rewarded with awe and wonder. Stay respectful, do not barge in and observe. The world is literally your oyster.