7. Oct, 2022

Being present

Being present or raising awareness means being in the moment. There are many techniques and recommendations that can be easily achieved. One is when you come in direct contact with the ground. Not by accident, but deliberately with bare feet.

My husband read about grounding and shared the benefits with me. No harm in trying this free technique and why not? We exercise our dog at the same time. We talk and walk. And we are in nature.

Luckily, we have a huge open space 2 km from our house with trees and well-kept grass lawns. We have made a daily effort to ground for last 2 months. In fact, once I started, I wanted to do grounding daily anyway. Yes, I did have to scrub my feet more but even that felt so good. Occasionally I am able to visit a beach.

Basically, this is what happens: the earth is slightly negatively charged, and the body is positive. By walking on grass or sand or stone you receive a surge of potent healing electrons from the ground. All for free. We have developed a routine of a daily 40-50min walk. And we already experience the health benefits, better sleep, Joint pain is disappearing, general wellbeing improved. 

I find that by being so connected I feel the temperature of the grass (sometimes freezing) and I am not in autopilot with my thoughts anymore. I also feel more connected to my body as a whole. My posture and my breathing. I feel present. I stop to worry about tomorrow and I feel happy and light.

Most other park users also enjoy the fresh air or walk and play with their dog, but they wear fancy rubber footwork that actually stops the ions from entering in the body. Occasionally we meet someone that knows that it is the best feeling.

As a child I loved bare feet. The foot specialist even recommended it. The occasional thorn was part of the experience. Unfortunately, as an adult I constantly wore shoes and orthopaedic inlays.

My mother-in-law told me this funny story. Farm children in the 40's would only own one pair of shoes, that was worn to church on Sundays. As soon as church was finished the children stripped off their shoes to play. After church all the parents frantically gathered and argued over the expensive shoes in the fear of losing them.

They say the best things in life are free. One of them is walking barefoot.