15. Oct, 2022

Greeting the morning

Today I am giving away a personal secret of gratitude and expectation that I try to practise each day. You got to wake up before sunrise though. Of course, it is not always possible especially in winter or when I worked full time. However, I am able to do it most days now and reap the benefits. Maybe just by chance you have not seen it in this light. I want to share the benefits of sun gazing at sunrise. 

Greeting the morning with gratitude in your soul is a spiritual expression and experience for me. But it even has benefits when you do it for physical reasons only. Looking directly without sunglasses in the sun when it rises (in those first 20 min) has the fantastic potential to improve your eyesight and the function of your pineal gland. You can try it for a few seconds first. Don't worry you will not go blind. Gaze straight in it and a darker layer comes over the sun and the sun appear to have a silver lining.

But there is also the realization that you witnessed the start of a brand-new day. 

I promise you that it is a good day full of opportunities and possibilities. (I do not just say that because I live in Australia and witness the day before wherever you might live on the planet) but truly it is a day like no other. It has not been lived yet. Open your eyes to the little miracles that happen and the new connections you will make. 

Say: this is a good day. Say: thank you, because you are here to live it and witness it. 

I promise you it works. Better things are not only coming. They are here.