19. Oct, 2022

Lets talk food

I guess being through more than half of my life " expectancy" puts me in a certain category. At the moment I am enjoying "postmenopausal". So literary I have done it all: The craving, the fasting the dieting.

Over the years I have listened, or tuned in, what my body actually wants, and I am happy with my weight and my progress. Most of all I am happy that I have learned that eating right is not complicated and not expensive. Here and there I pick up advice from friends or family when I started making my own health decisions but most of all I learned what gives me a good digestion. It is always important to enjoy food and not to make food a religion or a chore.

When you are living by yourself it is easy, but I know that cooking right amounts can be a problem. Mind you it could be difficult cooking at all as you are only preparing it for yourself. Cooking or preparing a meal has to do with nurturing. We nurture our children when they have to grow and stay healthy the same, we are supposed to do to ourselves. Often it can become a chore and all you can think of is the dishes you will have to wash. Some absolutely love the whole experience. Here I am thinking of the many Italian Mamas I met. Bless their heart.

Unfortunately, many eat with their eyes or adhere to their cravings. I did for many years. I know the feeling of losing control. I know the struggle to get back eating healthy again. I know the stubbornness of the scale.

Currently I have learned that intermitted fasting is actually wonderful and eating two meals a day is actually possible. (of course, a fruit or some nuts in-between if I want to). I also enjoy heaps of raw salads (preferably organic) or a raw smoothy and learned to replace lots of healthy foods (e.g., cauliflower rice) with the ones that used to fill you up.

When food received in gratitude and is savoured consciously and with enjoyment it is a full body experience. Also, a trick I only learned 2 months ago. Drink water or healthy fluids 30 min before or after a meal not during, it will make all the difference. Do not feel guilty when you enjoy the odd ice-cream, cake or loaded meal. Enjoy the company of those you share the meal with. Enjoy the colour, texture and taste of the food itself. Guten Appetit !