What heals people from dis-ease, emotional pain and from ill-ness? I think that we possess the possibility to heal all deseases. Ancient knowledge proven it and we can be open to learn. Dr Sandra Michael put it elequantly: " the body wants to heal itself. It wants to be free from dis-ease." 

I happened to see a Tweet of an article where nurses filled gloves with warm water and placed the hand of the dying between them in order to replace the human touch and hopefully reduce the lonliness . Where has this world come too?

How come we say in this time and age we care for the vulnerable yet we isolate them even more and cause them to die of a broken heart.

As mothers we carress and rock our babies and even in distress they will fall asleep and the pain subsides. We all know holding someones hand can rejuvinate life. This is not only because of the heat, but the human touch carries a very powerful energy. When we love each other we heal each other as love does not bear any grudges and causes no fear.

The goverment thinks they can replace common sense and tells healthy people to masks up and stay at a distance you protect each other from oneanother. Yet we lived with ailments all our lives and know what works.

Dr Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize one of his findings was that if you deprive a cell of 35% of its oxygen it will become cancerous. What have we caused in the past 2- 3 year. We caused more sickness and did not promote healthy living otherwise we would not voluntarily deprived ourselves of oxygen . We made society sick.

I think it is time to heal. It is time to love each other and drink clean water (acid and chemical free) We know what heals . Our grandmothers taught us : sleep, eat veggies, eat fresh, grow your own and move. Spend time in nature and with each other .Its not expensive - it is free.